To remember and honor the Skill, Greatness, and Wisdom of the late GM Kang Sin Sin (江新辰), the disciples Michael, Rio, and Febry decided to publish this website as we need to preserve the Wing Chun KungFu of the late GM Kang Sin Sin by spreading his way of teaching and the style that he learnt from the late GGM Ip Man (Yip Man), the late GM Leung Sheung, and the late GM Chu Shong Tin.

Rio H. Jap

Instructor Profile
(International Wing Chun Martial Art - Indonesia)

Rio started his Wing Chun practice in 1997 directly under the late GM Kang Sin Sin. The class was publicly held in Kelapa Gading area (North Jakarta, Indonesia) and most of the other students are the Jakarta city Wushu Athletes. 

Before studying Wing Chun, Rio had the chance to practice the art Judo when he was 11 years old. But finding as the art wasn’t so suitable for him; he stopped the Judo practice and then studied no other martial art until he met with the late GM Kang Sin Sin with his Wing Chun Kung Fu.

As the teaching method of the late GM Kang Sin Sin was done in an old fashion way (old style Shifu), many of the students didn’t manage to last long as a result of impatience. Rio himself had to practice the Siu Nim Tao form for two and a half years before finally continued his study to the next phase of Wing Chun Kung Fu, the Chum Kiu.

After following the late GM Kang Sin Sin for two and a half years, the Grand Master one day told him to increase his frequency of practice by coming to the Grand Master home for a more private lesson.  Then one by one, all of the Wing Chun Forms were taught by the Grand Master and finally he managed to learn the whole style of Wing Chun Kung Fu from the late GM Kang Sin Sin by mid 2003 just before he had to leave Jakarta to earn his Master Degree in Singapore. By that time, he received the Highest Attained Wing Chun Certification (the 6th Degree) in the International Wing Chun Martial Art - Indonesia, issued by the late GM Kang Sin Sin himself.

The Certificate of International Wing Chun Martial Art - Indonesia
issued and signed by the late GM Kang Sin Sin

After Rio came back to Jakarta in 2005, he frequently visited the late GM Kang Sin Sin just to have small talks, or to practice, or even just to have some good foods with him. His final visit to the Grand Master was just 2 days before the Grand Master fell unconscious (and finally passed away on April 27th, 2010). He had the final Chi Sao with the Grand Master on that day. 

Left: Rio H. Jap, Right: GM Kang Sin Sin

Rio is also a Zhineng Qigong practitioner having realized that health is the utmost importance in his life. Zhineng Qigong is a style of Qigong practice for health maximization and to help oneself cure the sickness in ones body. The Qigong practice is then also somehow becoming a tool to help him deeply understand the Wing Chun concept and philosophy into a greater extent, to refine his art of Wing Chun.

Currently Rio stays in Jakarta and has a full time job in one of the biggest General Trading Company in the world. He teaches privately during the evening and weekend in his private residence in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta.

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